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Our story

Who We Are

DIMP is an organisation with the sole purpose of providing the public the various services needed within property, from property management, to development and investment.

DIMP was founded with the intention of making such an exciting, but sometimes time consuming and stressful venture a lot simpler; by creating a place which caters to all property needs under one roof we have eliminated the difficulty many first-time and even expert clients come across trying to achieve their property dreams.

We understand the difficulty many landlords, homeowners and investors face when they have to go to different sources and companies to reach their goals, and so we built our own company that ensured that became a thing of the past.

Our only objective is to give our clients the opportunity to have the experience of discovering a new way to invest, develop and manage their properties by providing a strategic and cost effective solution.

We constantly strive to be known as being the property experts where all aspects of the industry can be found.

We realise the property dreams of their clients, no matter how big or small. Whether it is simply moving home, buying acres of land for investment or finally building that conservatory you’ve been saving for.

DIMP’s passion will always be customer satisfaction and doing our upmost to go above the standard expected. We understand that delivering the highest level of service will always produce a very happy client, and with that ensures we gain their trust and credibility which are the most valuable assets we hold within our business. These are fundamental values to business and life as a whole which unfortunately the world today lacks. Our aim is to bring this back.

Important: Whilst we make every effort to complete in a reasonable and quick timescale, there are sometimes circumstances that might affect the actual completion date, and in extreme circumstances our ability to purchase. Our initial offer is provisional and will only be confirmed once we are in receipt of a survey, and the searches and contracts are deemed satisfactory by our legal team. Other factors may affect our decision to purchase, or affect the price we eventually agree. Over recent years financial turbulence and market forces from both inside the UK, Europe and the rest of the world have caused extreme price fluctuations in the UK property market. Property law is such that until exchange of contracts takes place with the legal representatives the transaction is not legally binding. Prior to a legal exchange of contracts we can rescind the agreement at any time if we have any knowledge or we are advised that the property is not as initially described and/or anything comes to light that may have affected its value. Alternatively, the purchase price may be renegotiated by mutual consent. In the event we rescind the agreement then all legal aborted costs, disbursements and survey fees in the transaction will be met by us. We strongly advise not to commit to any expenditure or completion dates until legal exchange has taken place. DIMP LIMITED (REGISTRATION NUMBER 09863034) is incorporated in England and Wales. Registered office:3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE

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